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Learn how to create the perfect Mother's Day promotion for restaurant customers sharing a meal at home, dining in, or searching for a special gift for Mom.

When it comes to Mother's Day gifts, nothing beats treating Mom to a special restaurant meal that can be shared by the whole family. According to recent statistics from the National Restaurant Association, Mother's Day Sunday continues to beat Valentine's Day and Father's Day as the most popular day for dining out. Restaurants can expect a 25%-60% boost in traffic, with higher than average demand throughout the day for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. Party and transaction sizes also increase as the whole family gathers for a family-style meal.

Is your restaurant prepared to meet the Mother's Day rush? This article will explain how Sociavore's all-in-one restaurant management platform can help scale up your output to increase sales during this special day. We'll explain how to create a special Mother's Day menu on your restaurant website, use reservations to manage Mother's Day crowds, and offer digital gift cards for sale on your restaurant website.

How to create a Mother's Day menu with a unique pickup and delivery schedule using Sociavore

In this tutorial, we'll explore how to set up a new online ordering menu on your restaurant website for your Mother's Day event. Creating a special event menu with online ordering will enable customers to place pre-orders days or weeks in advance of Mother's Day Sunday. You can use Sociavore's online menu settings to control inventory limits, collect pre-payment for online orders, and spread order pickup & delivery times throughout the day.

Step 1: Setup a new online ordering menu for your special event

Click here for detailed instructions on how to set up a new online ordering menu in Sociavore

Sociavore allows you to create and publish unlimited menus on your restaurant's website. Your new menu will be displayed alongside your other existing online ordering menu(s) on your website, letting your customers choose between your Mother's Day menu or your regular menu for carryout or delivery. When Mother's Day is over, turn off visibility or delete the special menu, leaving your regular menu intact.

Make your Mother's Day menu special by including unique dishes, packages, or bundles that vary from your regular menu. For example, group Mother's Day brunch options into a family bundle that serves 2 adults and 2-3 kids. Or, create a special prix fixe dinner menu with modifiers and let Mom pick an appetizer, choice of entrée, and dessert.

Go beyond the Mother's Day meal to deliver a memorable take-home experience. Don't forget to include add-ons such as a bouquet of flowers, cake, chocolates, or a mimosa kit. You'll increase your average ticket size, and your customers will enjoy the convenience of one-stop shopping for everything they need for a special Mother's day celebration.

Step 2: Create a special pickup & delivery schedule

Click here for detailed instructions on how to setup pickup schedules for online ordering in Sociavore

Sociavore's customizable pickup schedules make it easy to manage customer demand for special events. Choose a specific day & time frame you'd like customers to pick up their Mother's Day takeout orders. Setting a cut-off time of Friday or Saturday to place orders will give you the lead time needed to staff and prepare your kitchen. You can even limit the number of orders allowed per pickup interval and stagger pickup throughout the day. Special instructions for carryout or curbside pickup are sent directly to customers with their order confirmation.

Click here for detailed instructions on how to set up delivery zones and schedules for online ordering in Sociavore

Use Sociavore's delivery scheduler to provide a full-service Mother's Day experience without paying hefty third-party platform fees. Choose your specific delivery zones and coverage on Google Maps, and decide what you'd like to charge for delivery to each zone. Then, select which days you'd like to offer delivery and cut-off order time. Sociavore will take care of the rest - all you need is a vehicle and a driver.

Step 3: Promoting your special event menu online

Create excitement and awareness about your new Mother's Day menu on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. Make it easy for customers to place online orders by including a direct link to your new menu's website address in any social media posts and online ads. Use Sociavore's free QR code generator to help customers find your special event menu by scanning posters, flyers, or mailouts with their smartphones.

Click here for detailed instructions on how to connect an e-mail service for a newsletter signup form

Send out an e-mail newsletter inviting customers to place online orders for Mother's Day. Use your preferred third-party e-mail marketing platform to connect with all of the customers who have signed up for newsletters on your restaurant website. Include ordering instructions such as order cut-off time, pickup or delivery options, and a direct link to your new menu's website address.

How to use reservations to manage Mother's Day crowds

Click here for detailed instructions on how to set up reservations in Sociavore

With Sociavore's management system, you retain control over managing your tables. Customers will enjoy the convenience of booking a reservation for dining in on Mother's Day by simply visiting your website at their convenience. You'll save time answering calls and e-mails by letting Sociavore handle reservation requests and questions. 

Customize your pre-booking notes, party sizes, and booking lead times according to your Mother's Day staffing numbers and desired occupancy. Use the Sociavore Dashboard to confirm or deny reservation requests and message guests directly. Sociavore will take care of informing guests of your cancellation and late policies, informing your staff of new reservation requests, and sending automatic e-mail reminders to customers.

How to offer digital gift cards for sale on your restaurant website

Click here for detailed instructions on how to create and sell digital gift cards in Sociavore

Digital gift cards are a fantastic long-distance gift when you can't celebrate with Mom in person. Sociavore makes it easy for customers to buy a gift card for Mom's favorite restaurant from anywhere in the world. Digital gift cards can be personalized with a custom message and redeemed on Mother's Day or any time throughout the year. These digital gift cards are e-mailed directly to the recipient and can be used to dine in or place online orders through your restaurant website. 

Selling digital gift cards provides your restaurant with a quick cash injection, even when operations are limited. You can promote digital gift cards to your loyal customers as a great way to treat Mom while also showing support for your restaurant. You can even run a gift card campaign by incentivizing customers with a reward or "bonus" whenever they purchase a digital gift card for themselves or someone else.

Our team at Sociavore is ready to help you make your restaurant's Mother's Day menu a success! Do you have questions about how to get started? Please start a conversation with us by clicking on the orange Chat button at the bottom right corner of the page, or e-mail us directly at hello@sociavore.co.


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