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Exploring Alternatives to Owner.com? 

Sociavore is a more affordable and feature-packed alternative to Owner.com, offering restaurant owners enhanced control and flexibility for their online presence.

Built for restaurants

Our team comes equipped with extensive hospitality experience, fully grasping the realities of daily restaurant management.

Best in class pricing

We offer best-in-class pricing, underscoring our commitment to provide unparalleled value to restaurants in every community.

Avoid third party fees

Say goodbye to losing 30% to third-party apps. With Sociavore, restaurants enjoy a commission-free experience.

An alternative to Owner.com: Why Sociavore Could Enhance Your Restaurant's Website

If you're exploring alternatives to Owner.com, you've found the right spot. Both Owner.com and Sociavore are designed to enhance the online experience for your restaurant's guests and support your restaurant's growth.

While Owner.com and Sociavore have much in common, such as offering modern websites with robust online ordering capabilities, Sociavore stands out for its founding principle. Created by restaurant owners, Sociavore's mission from the start has been to give restaurants full control over their websites, equipped with all the digital tools necessary for expansion. As a Sociavore user, you and your team have the autonomy to make any updates to your website without relying on our team. Sociavore ensures that everything is built for daily management and use by restaurant staff, ensuring you have all the capabilities you need right at your fingertips.

What sets Sociavore apart from Owner.com?

  • Sociavore was crafted with the unique needs of restaurant owners in mind, by individuals who have firsthand experience in the industry.
  • When it comes to cost, Sociavore presents a more budget-friendly option compared to Owner.com.
  • Beyond just facilitating online orders, Sociavore extends its functionalities to include reservations, waitlists, ticketing, customizable forms, and more, offering a comprehensive suite of services.
  • Sociavore empowers users with a DIY approach, allowing for personal management and customization, whereas Owner.com traditionally relies on a dedicated account team for setup and ongoing management.
  • With a wider range of integrations like Deliverect, Klaviyo, and Mailchimp, Sociavore enhances your restaurant's connectivity and marketing capabilities.
  • Advanced ordering options such as outpost delivery, integration with Google orders, and the ability to handle multiple menus simultaneously are features unique to Sociavore, not found in Owner.com.
  • Sociavore boasts a thorough integration with Square, facilitating seamless item synchronization and support for Square Gift Cards, enhancing your payment and gift card management.
  • Exclusive to Sociavore are specialized features tailored for restaurants, including Kiosks and event ticketing, which are not currently available through Owner.com.
  • Being self-funded, Sociavore prioritizes long-term value for restaurants over the immediate return expectations of venture capital investors, ensuring a focus on sustainable growth and service quality.
  • Owner.com sets its monthly rate at $499, plus an additional 5% fee for restaurant guests. Accessing their pricing details requires scheduling a demo with a sales representative, as this information isn't readily available on their website.
  • In contrast, Sociavore offers a transparent pricing model at $49 per month, with a more modest 3% fee for guests. Our all-inclusive pricing comes without the commitment of contracts.

Sociavore vs Owner.com Feature Comparison

Beyond just facilitating online orders, Sociavore extends its functionalities to include reservations, waitlists, ticketing, customizable forms, and more, offering a comprehensive suite of services.

Monthly Fees
Guest Fee3%5%
Build it yourselfYup! Nope!
Front of House
Reserve with Google
Waitlist with Google
Event Ticketing & Management
Feedback + Reviews
Fully Hosted Website
Real-Time Menu Management
Custom Lead Forms
Events Calendar
Jobs & Application Management
Instagram Importing
Online Ordering
Direct Online Ordering
Order Throttling & Management
Order Aggregator SupportDeliverect & Cuboh
Inventory & Daily Inventory
Customer Accounts
Secret Menus
In-House Delivery
Delivery Zones (Radius + Shapes)Radius only
Ordering Channels
Cross Menu Ordering
Order with Google
Order & Pay (Table, Room Service)
Outpost & Dropoff Ordering
Foodhall Ordering
Gift Cards
Digital Gift Cards
Scheduled Gifting
Square Gift Card Support
Menu Management Tools
Real-Time Menu Management
Multiple Menu Support
Marketing Tools
Discounts & Offers
Gift Card Bonus Campaigns
Newsletter Signups
SMS MarketingKlaviyo
Email MarketingKlaviyo + Mailchimp
GA4 Enhanced Ecommerce Analytics
Development and Support
Documentation218 articles46 articles
Live Chat Support

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