Manage your website easily 

All-in-one Dashboard

Design your website, update your menus, manage reservations, connect with guests and more in your Dashboard.

Reports & Stats

Learn more about your guest behavior, and discover new trends to enhance your digital experience.

Bring the team

Stay organized with single sign-ons for your restaurant. Assign team roles to managers and employees.


Powerful all-in-one dashboard

Manage your digital presence without the hassle of having to juggle multiple platforms.

  • Quickly update your photos, menus, pick-up schedules, hiring page + more.
  • Manage you orders, sales, reservations, tickets and guests all in one place.
  • Provide your team with accounts to help with management.



Analytics and guest information you can take action on.

  • Page views, number of visits, popular pages, referrals, order conversions, and key actions like reserve, call, directions.
  • Discover what is working well for you, what you need to improve on, and guest behaviour.

Staff Accounts

Designed for Teams

Management made simple. One dashboard, that's it.

  • Invite team members to individual locations and assign roles to admins and employees.
  • Multiple concepts or restaurants? You can easily switch between concepts and locations and manage everything in a single dashboard.

"Our website is beautiful, practical and so easy to manage. Our site is now one-stop for our guests and showcases the restaurant with beautiful simplicity."

Andrea G.




Leverage your guest data with Guestbox. Guest profiles, feedback and communication to ensure the perfect dining experience every time.

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Your own built-in reservations system. Skip the third-party fees and gain control of your guest data with reservations built into your website.

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