Restaurant-focused CRM

Hospitality begins before your guests enter your restaurant. Strengthen your guest relationships with Guestbox.

Connect with your guests

Ensure the perfect service every time for your guests with saved preferences in their profiles.

Accessible Menus

Make it easy for your guests with dietary, allergy or restrictions to view your menu with tailored menus

Unified Guest View


A single unified view of all of your restaurant’s interactions with a guest to keep your team on the same page.

  • Ensure seamless two-way communication with your guests using a chat widget embedded in the bottom corner of your website.
  • Review forms, feedback, reservations, past messages, and more.
  • View your guests’ order history at one glance

Know Your Guest

Build relationships with Guest Profiles

Sociavore is a new breed of CRM that’s helping restaurants enhance their digital experience.

  • Fully configurable guest tags, dietary restrictions, notes, and social media integration.
  • Ensure everything is in place to provide outstanding service before the guest walks in.
  • Receive notifications in your Dashboard to stay updated with all of your guest profiles.

Dietary filters


Tailored menus for your guests based on their preferences, which can be set and saved in your Guestbox.

  • Easily identify items based on allergies, diet, and other food restrictions.
  • Restrictions in a guest profile allow them to quickly view a diet-friendly menu.
  • Create and hide seasonal menus using our drag & drop menu builder.

Today’s consumer expects digital experiences with a business to harmonize with their brick and mortar experiences, and vice-versa. Sociavore allows us to blend the in-person and the digital seamlessly.

Elisabeth Bottomley

Distillery Restaurant Corp.



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