What is the best restaurant website builder?

Sociavore is a better alternative to Wix for Restaurants  

At Sociavore, we offer a tailored website platform for restaurants, streamlining operations and prioritizing the guest experience on the restaurant's own site. Say goodbye to generic website builders and their poorly supported restaurant plug-ins.

Built for restaurants

Our team brings a wealth of hospitality experience to the table. We understand the complexities of the daily operations.

Best in class pricing

We’re committed to supporting restaurants of all sizes.

Not just online ordering

A one-stop-shop for streamlining daily digital operations, from online ordering to reservations and waitlisting.

The reasons why Sociavore stands out from Wix as a website builder for restaurants

If you're seeking an alternative to Wix for Restaurants, you've come to the right place. Both Wix and Sociavore are designed to help restaurants create their own websites, but there are some key differences.

Sociavore was created by a team of passionate restaurant owners who understand the unique challenges of this industry. Unlike Wix, Sociavore is purpose-built for restaurants, with features that are designed to streamline daily operations and give restaurant owners complete control over their website.

With Sociavore, you won't have to struggle with a generic website builder dashboard that's designed for businesses of all types and fumble with a bunch of poorly rated plug-ins and add-ons. Instead, you'll have a tool that's specifically tailored to meet the needs of your restaurant. Sociavore makes it easy for your guests and your staff to use every day.

Wix for Restaurants Comparison

Sociavore offers a comprehensive solution for creating restaurant websites, while Wix caters to a wide range of businesses, it lacks the same level of ease for restaurant management and which results in the need for add-ons to fulfill basic restaurant-specific needs

As a result, restaurant owners must sift through an overwhelming amount of features and links in the Wix dashboard that have nothing to do with restaurants. This approach ultimately detracts from what should be the main focus: running a successful restaurant.

SociavoreWix Ecommerce VIPSociavore
Website Performance (Google Lighthouse)
Google Rich ResultsFull Support (Business + Menus)Business Only
Website Features
Website Builder
Instagram Automatic Import
Restaurant Menu EditorAdd-On App - Rated 2.6⭐️/5
Reservation IntegrationsTock, OpenTable, Resy, SevenRooms, MoreCustom Code
Reservations (Request + Confirm)Add-On App - Rated 1.5⭐️/5
On-demand Delivery FeeAdd-On App - Rated 2.9⭐️/5
Events CalendarPaid Add-On App - Rated 3⭐️/5
Job Postings & Online ApplicationsPaid Add-On App - Rated 3.2⭐️/5
Event Ticketing2.5% transaction fee
Digital Gift Cards
Online OrderingAdd-On App - Rated 3⭐️/5
Order with Google
Cross Menu Ordering
Inventory Support
Daily Inventory Support
Order Aggregator Menu SupportCuboh, Deliverect
Kiosk Ordering
Outpost & Dropoff Ordering
Square Gift Card Support

How do Wix for Restaurants and Sociavore differ from each other?

  • Sociavore was built by restaurant owners for restaurant owners
  • Sociavore builds restaurant features at the core of our software, Wix for Restaurants is a collection of apps that have poor ratings
  • Sociavore was built only to be used by restaurants and other food businesses - bakeries, cafes, caterers
  • Sociavore has restaurant specific features like like kiosk, Order with Google, and waitlist built-in - Wix does not support kiosk, Order with Google or waitlisting
  • Sociavore accepts menus from Deliverect and Cuboh, Wix for Restaurants requires you to create a menu with an add-on
  • Sociavore has more advanced ordering features such as multi-menu checkout and daily inventory, Wix for Restaurants does not support multi-menu checkout and daily inventory
  • Sociavore has friendly Canada-based support

If Wix's features or pricing gets an update and this article becomes outdated, email us and we will update it.

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