What is the best restaurant website builder?

Sociavore is a better alternative to Squarespace  

In the realm of website builders, Sociavore is the restaurant owner's dream - a one-stop-shop for streamlining daily operations, from online ordering to reservations and waitlisting, all with a focus on optimizing the guest and staff experience.

Built for restaurants

Our team brings a wealth of hospitality experience to the table. We understand the complexities of the daily operations.

Best in class pricing

We’re committed to supporting restaurants of all sizes.

Not just a website builder

A one-stop-shop for streamlining daily digital operations, from online ordering to reservations and waitlisting.

Discover why Sociavore outshines Squarespace as a restaurant website builder

Squarespace and Sociavore share many similarities. First and foremost, they both provide a drag & drop website builder. While Squarespace caters to a diverse set of businesses, its primary focus on generic website design falls short in providing the same level of convenience for restaurant management compared to Sociavore.

If you're looking for a simple website builder for your restaurant, Sociavore is a better option than Squarespace. Sociavore is tailored specifically for restaurants and comes with features like online ordering, reservations, and waitlisting, and integrations with popular restaurant technology you're already using which Squarespace doesn't have. It's also easy to use, so your staff can update the menu, manage orders, and communicate with guests every day.

Sociavore outshines Squarespace as a restaurant website builder by providing a comprehensive platform that streamlines daily digital operations a restaurant needs to meet modern guest expectations. Sociavore makes your restaurant website delightful for your guests and your staff to use every day.

A comparison of Sociavore and Squarespace

SociavoreSquarespace BusinessSquarespace Commerce AdvancedSociavore
Website Builder
Website Pop-Ups
Multi-Location Management
Drag & Drop Menu Editor
Reservation IntegrationsTock, Sevenrooms, Resy, OpenTable, MoreOpenTable, TockOpenTable, Tock
Custom Form Builder
Job Postings & Online Applications
Restaurant Tools
Reservations (Request + Confirm)
Event Ticketing
Events Calendar
Google Structured Data SupportBusiness + MenusBusiness OnlyBusiness Only
Order with Google
Enhanced Ecommerce Analytics
Menu Online Ordering
Daily Menu Inventory
Merchandise/Product Store
Delivery ZonesRadius + Custom Shapes
Delivery Driver On-Demand
Customer Accounts
Order Aggregator Menu SupportDeliverect, Cuboh
Order Throttling & Management
Kiosk Ordering
Order & Pay (QR, Table, Room Service)
Outpost & Dropoff Ordering
Gift Cards
Advanced Discounting
Square Gift Card Support
Checkout On Your Own Domain

How do Squarespace and Sociavore differ from each other?

  • Sociavore was built by restaurant owners for restaurant owners
  • Sociavore has powerful online ordering for restaurants built-in, Squarespace does not have restaurant online ordering built-in
  • Sociavore was built to be updated and used by restaurant staff - Squarespace was built as a website editor
  • Sociavore was built to be used by restaurants and other food businesses - Squarespace was built to be used by a wide variety of businesses
  • Sociavore has reservations and waitlist features, Squarespace is only a website builder for restaurants and requires add-ons
  • Sociavore is focused on the full guest experience online for a restaurant, Squarespace is focused on website design
  • Sociavore has powerful multi-location features allowing restaurants to manage operating hours, menus, ordering links, feedback, reservations and more by location
  • Square has powerful restaurant-specific integrations such as Deliverect, Cuboh, and Square POS

If Squarespace's features or pricing gets an update and this article becomes outdated, email us and we will update it.

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