Commission-free online ticketing

Ticketed events made easier for restaurants 

An event ticketing system built for food & beverage


Take more of your ticket revenue to the bank.

Ticket Types

Generate more revenue with different ticket types for events.

Automatic tipping

Make sure your team is taken care of with automatic tipping/service charges.



Grow revenue with ticketed events directly through your website.

  • Create multiple ticket variations that may differ in price or description
  • Sell tickets without having to use a third-party service and retain all your earnings from your event
  • Update on-the-fly

Stay in control

Seamless event management

Keep your events organized so your customers don’t miss a beat.

  • Set inventory levels for tickets, your website will automatically update when they’re sold out
  • View a summary of ticket sales, total attendees, and the number of tickets sold in your dashboard.
  • Automatically send out event reminders to your guests before the event.

Presentation matters


Share what’s happening at your restaurant with an Event Calendar

  • Integrate a responsive calendar on your website to display all your upcoming events at your restaurant.
  • Guests can view multiple events on one day and remaining tickets on the calendar.
  • Events automatically disappear from your website as soon as the date passes

"With our Felix site, we have been able to add in custom pages to sell cookbooks, event tickets, coffee – extending our customer experience beyond a standard restaurant site. Sociavore has become integral to our businesses and will continue to be part of our digital best practices as we continue to expand."

Rochelle Singer

Brand Marketing Manager, Gusto 54 Restaurant Group



Promote upcoming events at your restaurant online. Sociavore's seamless event management makes it easy to advertise upcoming events on your website.

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Gift Cards

Sell digital and physical gift cards on your website.
Redeemable with online ordering, contactless dining, ticketed events, and products in your online retail store.

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