Online Ordering Savings Calculator 

Third-party delivery marketplaces are costly. See how much you save with Sociavore.

serious savings. See for yourself.

How much will direct delivery save you?

Direct Delivery is an online ordering solution with low monthly fees so you can profit on every order and save thousands per year. Want to see how much you could save?

  • 3rd party services charge 30% or more in fees, making it hard to profit on those orders.

On average, how many delivery and pick-up orders does your restaurant do per day?


Designed to grow with you

The hospitality industry thrives off of change, and as your restaurant continues to evolve, Sociavore will always be there to help you succeed. The platform is built to address the daily tasks and challenges a restaurant faces, making it easy to make changes to your website on the fly.

Restaurant-focused Crm

Strong customer relationships, with an open communication channel is the key to running a sustainable business. Guest profiles, messaging, timelines & history makes ensures a high quality experience for your guests everytime. Sociavore makes it easy for you by keeping all of this guest info in one place

Built in reservation system

A built in reservation service on your website that eliminates the need for a third-party service that takes a cut. Gain complete control over your reservations by accepting or rejecting them. Automatically send out confirmations, reminders and directions.

personalized menus

Our advanced menu editor makes it easy to identify items based on allergies, diet, and other food restrictions. All of these match up with the dietary concerns a guest provides, letting them quickly view a diety-friendly menu. Create and hide seasonal and other special menus in seconds.

Build a modern restaurant website

Try Sociavore free for 14 days, and explore all the tools you need to build a modern restaurant guest experience online. No credit card required.