What is the best restaurant website builder?

Sociavore is an alternative to BentoBox  

Don't pay a fortune every month to have your restaurant online. Sociavore is an affordable feature-rich alternative to BentoBox restaurant websites that puts control back in the hands of restaurants. Built by restaurant owners for restaurant owners.

built for restaurants

Our team brings a wealth of hospitality experience to the table. We understand the complexities of daily operations.

Best in class pricing

Restaurants are the fabrics of every community. We’re committed to supporting restaurants of all sizes.

Avoid third party fees

You don’t have to forefit 30% to third-party apps anymore. Sociavore is commission free for restaurants.

More Flexibility, More Value

Sociavore stands out as the more suitable choice for most restaurants seeking a comprehensive and economical website platform solution for several reasons. Lets dive into them!

Lower Monthly Fee

The $49 monthly subscription fee is significantly lower than BentoBox's, making it more accessible for a wide range of restaurant budgets.

All-Inclusive Comprehensive Service Offering

Sociavore's subscription model includes a suite of features such as pickup & delivery ordering, catering menu ordering, contactless dining, events & ticketing, merchandise or product store, digital gift cards, reservations, and waitlist management without additional monthly charges, unlike BentoBox which requires additional fees for these services.

No Mandatory Upfront Website Design Fee

Restaurants have the option to build their own website using Sociavore, providing them with flexibility and control over their online presence without a mandatory large upfront cost. This is in contrast to BentoBox, where the starting price for a fully designed website by their team is notably higher.

No Contracts

The flexibility of Sociavore's no-contract service means restaurants are not bound by long-term commitments, providing greater freedom and adaptability in their operational decisions.

Kiosk and Hardware Flexibility

Sociavore includes kiosk functionality and the use of any necessary hardware as part of its offering, which suggests an adaptable approach to a restaurant's specific hardware needs.

Option for Professional Website Design

For restaurants that do prefer a professionally designed website, Sociavore offers this service at an optional one-time fee that is more budget-friendly compared to BentoBox's higher starting price.

The combination of lower ongoing costs, inclusivity of essential features, and the absence of mandatory upfront fees makes Sociavore a better choice for restaurants that prioritize flexibility and cost-effectiveness in their digital strategy without sacrificing the guest experience.

Sociavore costs 5% of what Bentobox does every month

The average independent restaurant who sells $15K a month at $35 an average order will pay over $1000 on Bentobox every month. On Sociavore - $49.

Monthly Fees
Subscription$49/mo$149/mo for website only
Pickup & delivery orderingAdd $49/mo
Catering menu orderingAdd $79/mo
Contactless diningAdd $19/mo
Events & ticketingAdd $99/mo
Merchandise or product storeAdd $19/mo
Digital gift cardsAdd $19/mo
ReservationsAdd $199/mo
WaitlistAdd $99/mo
KioskIncluded + Any HardwareExtra + Proprietary Hardware
Restaurant cost per orderNone$0.99 per order
Total Fees
Independent Restaurant who does $15K in ordering$49$1,159
Fully designed website by our team$995 (optional)$1,500+
Freedom to design it yourselfYesNo
Online Ordering Comparison
Fully branded & integrated into the website
Multiple ordering menus w/ separate schedules
Drop-off/Outpost ordering
Kiosk ordering
Pickup & Delivery
Delivery networksDoorDash DriveDoorDash Drive
Delivery zones
Order pacing
Set required fees
Menu photos

If BentoBox's features or pricing gets an update and this article becomes outdated, email us and we will update it.

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