No car? No problem. Introducing On-Demand Restaurant Delivery


Tap into on-demand delivery networks at affordable flat-rate fees, no commissions

At Sociavore, we know how vital delivery service has become for independent restaurants across North America. We're passionate about providing commission-free online solutions that empower restaurants to reduce their dependence on expensive third-party delivery marketplaces and apps. That's why we're excited to introduce our latest delivery option available for all Sociavore customers: on-demand delivery. 

On-demand delivery allows your restaurant to offer delivery on your restaurant website even if you don't have the time, vehicle, or staff to own in-house delivery. Enjoy fixed rates with delivery companies, including on-demand delivery networks and local providers, that already have a fleet of drivers. You'll never have to worry about huge commissions again.

Setting up On-Demand Delivery

  • Create a new delivery schedule for your online ordering menu, and select one of our partnered delivery networks as a service provider.
  • Sociavore will check if the service provider delivers in your delivery zone. You'll see what the fixed fees are for delivery and can choose if you want to cover a portion of delivery fees for your customer or set a free delivery threshold.

Preparing orders for On-Demand Delivery

  • Customers receive an automated message from the delivery network after checkout with an estimated delivery time that incorporates restaurant prep time & driver delivery time. 
  • Your restaurant receives a prep time based on when the driver is coming, with the minimum being the required prep time your restaurant needs.

On-Demand Delivery Logistics

  • Use the Sociavore Dashboard to hire a driver, get their contact info, and receive live updates from the delivery. 
  • Sociavore integrates with Square Payments to accept online order payments from customers, paying delivery fees to the delivery network, and depositing your restaurant's share in your Square account as a next-day deposit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to sign up for a third-party delivery marketplace or app to use on-demand delivery?

A: No. You hire delivery drivers directly from your Sociavore dashboard. Your restaurant won't appear on any marketplaces or apps, and third-party companies won't be billing you directly.

Q: What is the flat rate fee to hire an on-demand delivery driver?

A: Flat rate fees vary between networks. For DoorDash Drive, standard rates are $8.50 CAD per delivery in Canada and $7 USD per delivery in the United States. You can change your settings in Sociavore to charge some or all of the delivery fee directly to the customer.

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Already a Sociavore customer? Visit our Help Center to learn how to set up on-demand drivers to manage deliveries. We'd love to hear feedback about our new on-demand delivery feature and suggestions for new features you'd like us to develop in the future.


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