What is the best restaurant website?

Sociavore is an alternative to Ordereze  

Pay less and do more when you choose Sociavore. Don't pay a small fortune every month for a restaurant website. Sociavore is a modern and affordable feature-rich alternative to Ordereze restaurant websites. Built by restaurant owners for restaurant owners.

Built for restaurants

Our team brings a wealth of hospitality experience to the table. We understand the complexities of the daily operations.

Best in class pricing

Restaurants are the fabrics of every community. We’re committed to supporting restaurants of all sizes.

Avoid third party fees

You don’t have to forefit 30% to third-party apps anymore. Sociavore is commission free for restaurants.

Sociavore costs less than Ordereze - and does more!

The average independent restaurant who sells $4,000 a month in ordering will pay $338 for Ordereze every month. On Sociavore, the same restaurant would pay only $49. We're on a mission to make powerful technology available to every independent restaurant owner in the world! Not only will you pay less, you'll get additional time and money-saving features like Reservations, Waitlisting, Google Food Ordering, Digital Gift Cards, and Event Ticketing.

Setup Fee$499 (optional)$1195 (required)
Restaurant Commission Per OrderNone5% (max $199)
SupportEvery dayMonday - Friday
Open API
Front of House
Reservations (Request + Confirm)
Reservations (ERB)Coming soon
Advanced Waitlisting
Event Ticketing & Management
FOH Tablet App
Responsive Website
Mobile Website
Custom Forms
Events Calendar
Job & Online Applications
Direct Online Ordering
Order Throttling & Management
Order Aggregator SupportDeliverect & Cuboh
Inventory & Daily Inventory
Fast Checkout w/ Saved Cards
Payment GatewaysAll (80+)Everyware
In-House Delivery
Delivery Zones
Flat-Fee Delivery PartnersMultipleSingle
Ordering Channels
Cross Menu Ordering
Google Food OrderingAdvanced
Kiosk Ordering
Order & Pay (Table, Room Service)
Outpost & Dropoff Ordering
Gift Cards
Digital Gift Cards
Gift Card DenominationsAny
Bonus Campaigns
Scheduled Gifting
Square Gift Card Support
Menu Management Tools
Real-Time Menu Management
Menu Pricing
QR Code Menus
Promotion Tools
Discounts & Offers
Gift Card Bonus Campaigns
Newsletter Signups

If Ordereze's features or pricing gets an update and this article becomes outdated, email us and we will update it.

Build a modern restaurant website

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