Ontario Digital Transformation Grant Program 

Futureproof your business with the return of the Ontario Digital Transformation Grant program. Now supported as part of a partnership between the Government of Canada and the Province of Ontario.

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Sociavore & the Ontario Digital Transformation Grant

Sociavore is an approved restaurant vendor with the Digital Main Street Program and with our support our clients have been very successful at receiving the $2,500 grant.

We power websites for hundreds of the leading restaurants across Canada including Gusto 501, Distillery Restaurants Corporation and Beertown. Restaurants love working with us because we’re also restaurant owners and are obsessed with guest experience.

The Sociavore Digital Transformation Grant Package

The Digital Transformation Grant Program will be providing grants of up to $2500 to futureproof your restaurant. Businesses who have received the grant in the past before can re-apply this year but they must ensure they have receipts and that their reports are up to date.

2 years of Sociavore 'One Plan'

Star Cloud Printer to print orders automatically

Concierge ecommerce website build

Ready to get started?

Book a 15 min call with the Sociavore team.

Complete the digital assessment on Digital Main Street.

Pass an eligibility and requirements quiz.

Complete the 2 hour course on digital marketing.

Collaborate on a digital transformation plan.

Submit your grant application.