From fine dining establishments to fast casual eateries, Sociavore adapts to your needs so you can provide the best digital experience for your guests.

Sociavore is focused on helping restaurants achieve greater efficiency in their operations by providing them access to the highest quality restaurant technology. We’ve partnered with Cuboh, a leading software that aggregates all of your online ordering software together. 

Cuboh eliminates the need to have 4 or 5 different tablets at your restaurant for all of your online orders by merging them into one tablet which they provide for you. 

Cuboh partners with numerous platforms including UberEATS, Skip The Dishes, DoorDash, Chownow, Caviar and more. 

Now you can integrate Sociavore into your Cuboh account, gathering all of your orders coming through your website, along with third-party orders, into one point-of-sale.

Click here to learn more about how Cuboh works.

Here is a list of their partners:

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