A Small Business guide to using Ontario's official vaccine verification app


Learn how to use the free Verify Ontario app to quickly and securely check for your customers' proof of vaccination

NOTE: The Verify Ontario app is designed for businesses to check proof of vaccination for their customers. Click here to visit the Government of Ontario website if you are a customer looking to download your enhanced vaccine certificate with QR Code.

What is an enhanced vaccine certificate?

Customers in Ontario must now provide proof of complete vaccination against COVID-19 and personal identification to access certain businesses and settings, including restaurants. 

The Government of Ontario has released a digitally enhanced version of its COVID-19 vaccine records. Customers can visit the Government of Ontario website to download their enhanced vaccine receipt with a QR code. Customers can show this QR code to business owners instead of a paper copy of their vaccine receipts.

As a business owner, you'll need to use the official Verify Ontario app to scan customers' QR codes and verify their vaccination status. This app is free to download and easy to use.

What do I need to use the Verify Ontario app?

To use the Verify Ontario app to check for proof of vaccination at your business, you will need a smartphone or tablet with:

  • a working camera (to scan QR codes)
  • access to the internet at least once a week to download content updates

Visit the Apple Apps Store or Google Play Store to download the Verify Ontario app on your smartphone or tablet. During install, click to "allow permission" for the app to use the camera.

How do I use the Verify Ontario app?

When a customer shows an enhanced vaccine certificate with QR code:

  1. Open the Verify Ontario app on your smartphone or tablet
  2. Click "Scan a Vaccine Certificate"
  3. Line up the dotted line on your screen with the customers' QR code. Click "Flashlight" if there isn't enough light to scan the QR code properly.
Source: Government of Ontario

The app will display one of three results:

  • Verified (Green Check Mark): The vaccination record is verified. Check the customers' photo identification with the name & birthdate listed on the app.
  • There is a Problem (Yellow Caution Sign): There is a technical issue with the scan, most likely because it was generated by another province, territory, or country that uses a different type of code. Ask for a paper copy or full digital copy of the customers' vaccine receipts instead, and check those against the customers' photo identification.
  • Invalid Certification (Red X): The certificate cannot be used to enter. The app helpfully provides a short script to help businesses redirect customers to get new up-to-date records.

And that's it! Your smartphone or tablet does not need an internet connection to scan QR codes. However, be sure to connect your device to the internet at least once a week to download new content and updated rules from the Government of Ontario.

Please visit the official Government of Ontario website for more information about the Verify Ontario app.

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