The Best Restaurant Websites of 2020


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2020 is in full swing! We thought it would be a great time to showcase the best restaurant websites that we have seen so far in 2020. A restaurant’s website is so important to the total guest experience.

89% of diners research a restaurant online before dining there – AIS Media

These websites not only look great but help restaurants grow revenue while saving them time. Check out the restaurants that made the list!

Crafty Ramen

Multiple Locations in Ontario, Canada

Crafty Ramen features a seasonally rotating menu that is easy-to-update online.

Outside of the outstanding customer service, Sociavore helps us keep our website, store information and hours up to date with ease. Our guests enjoy engaging with our website and we are driving a ton of new users to our site! 

– Crafty Ramen

Starving Artist

Multiple locations in Ontario, Canada

With seven locations and growing, Starving Artist’s website clearly shows information about all locations in a beautiful and easy-to-navigate way.

Sociavore has helped with our operations as it provides valuable feedback from our customers directly to us, and also helps us liaise with potential franchisees. 

– Starving Artist

Felix Trattoria

Venice Beach, California

The Felix website integrates the restaurant’s Instagram content seamlessly. This looks great and enhances SEO.

With our Felix site, we have been able to add in custom pages to sell cookbooks, event tickets, coffee – extending our customer experience beyond a standard restaurant site. Sociavore has become integral to our businesses and will continue to be part of our digital best practices as we continue to expand.

– Gusto 54 Restaurant Group


Waterloo, Ontario

Wildcraft’s sophisticated website features a fun right navigation and smart lead forms for catering and private events.

Sociavore is not only a highly useful platform, but an invaluable business partner who understands the landscape of hospitality. The restaurant business is constantly moving and changing quickly – Sociavore gives us the capability to keep on top of these changes and tell our stories by allowing us to easily keep our websites up to date with the pace of the business. The platform provides us with specialized capabilities that are specific to the restaurant business so it helps us remain efficient and flexible. Through the customization service that Sociavore provides, it gives us a way to customize our websites and properly showcase our brand without having to outsource to a third-party who is unfamiliar with the business.

– The Charcoal Group

Cluny Bistro

Toronto, Ontario

Cluny is a beautiful French bistro with a jaw dropping interior, modern cuisine and exceptional service. The website’s guest messaging feature allows the Cluny team to craft the perfect guest experience online.

Today’s consumer expects digital experiences with a business to harmonize with their brick and mortar experiences, and vice-versa. Sociavore allows us to blend the in-person and the digital seamlessly.

– The Distillery Restaurants Corporation

The Rich Uncle Tavern

Kitchener, Ontario

The Rich Uncle Tavern website allows for easy management of their many live music events. An interactive calendar view shows guests what’s coming.

Graffiti Market

Kitchener, Ontario

Graffiti Market is an innovative restaurant part of the Ignite Group of Brands. Their website displays personalized menus. This makes it easy for guests to identify items based on allergies, diet, and other food restrictions.

Running all of Ignite Group of Brands‘ various property websites through Sociavore has helped us immensely in streamlining our online activity. The ability to easily build out new subpages and content blocks within our websites, and seamlessly switch from brand to brand inside of a single platform, has allowed us to be consistent, efficient, and effectively responsive to the fast pace of the hospitality industry. 

– Ignite Group of Brands


Collingwood, Ontario

Azzurra is a tourist destination in a food community that continues to grow and thrive. Azzurra’s new website is a beautiful online extension of their in-restaurant experience.

Sociavore has developed a website that is beautiful, practical and so easy to manage. Our site is now one stop for our guests and showcases the restaurant with beautiful simplicity.

– Azzurra

Gusto 54 Catering

Toronto, Ontario

Gusto 54 Catering uses their photo-driven website with proven lead forms to capture high-margin bookings.

Working with Sociavore to bring to life our restaurant websites has been a true partnership. The innovative themes are simple, and easy to navigate but we never feel limited – Thusenth and the team are always open to working with us to create customized solutions that fit our needs. Our beautiful Gusto 54 Catering Site was custom built to offer all the functionality needed for our Catering Team while still having a user-friendly backend.

– Gusto 54 Restaurant Group

Huntsville Brewhouse

Huntsville, Ontario

Huntsville Brewhouse has a new website which is 100% mobile-responsive. It gives guests the best experience on every device.

Sociavore has helped Huntsville Brewhouse build a user-friendly website that is simple for us to navigate and update daily; this is highly important in the restaurant business where there are constant changes being made. Sociavore has been responsive to our feedback on implementing custom features and always follows through on delivering a seamless customer experience.

– Huntsville Brewhouse

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