It’s patio season. Introducing Contactless Tableside Dining


Provide your guests with the easiest contactless dining experience. No apps or downloads required – it’s all powered by your website.

With Sociavore’s new Tableside Dining experience, guests can order food + drinks securely, all without touching a menu, tapping a machine, signing a receipt, or waiting in line.

They simply access your menu on their smartphones by entering a URL, tapping a Near Field Communication tag, or scanning a QR code.

Contactless Menus

  • Browse in-website, no re-direction to third parties
  • Menus accessed via URL, QR code, or NFC tag
  • Endless design customizations

Contactless Ordering

  • Orders sent automatically to the kitchen
  • Two-way chat integration between guest and staff
  • Inventory control on the fly

Contactless Payment

  • No POS terminals required at the table
  • Prompt your guests for a tip as they checkout
  • Efficient turnaround time

Where do my orders go?

We now integrate with Square Order Manager to provide restaurants with the ability to accept and manage orders inside the Square POS app, printing directly to your receipt and kitchen printers.

Cloud Printer Support

We now support Star CloudPRNT printers. Chits will automatically print as orders are placed. No tablet or computer required.  Just plug the printer into any ethernet port with Internet. 

Custom App Fees

Custom App fees let restaurants capture any additional fees from a checkout, whether it’s for PPE, charity, temporary price increase.

New Discount Types

Create single-use or limited use discount codes for a dollar value discount or a percentage discount. Customers can enter discount codes online at checkout. 

Our QR Code Maker

Here’s a free and easy tool our team created to let you generate QR codes for your restaurant menus.

We’ve been planning for the future. It’s here. Outdoor dining is a hub that brings the community together in the summertime. We encourage you to follow the safety guidelines provided by your local government so your guests can have an enjoyable and comfortable dining experience. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how our Tableside Dining solution can work for your restaurant, please get in touch with us so we can help you provide your guests with the perfect contactless on-premise dining experience. 

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