Explore 23 great restaurant websites that set the trend in 2023

Best Restaurant Websites of 2023


Presenting 23 great restaurant websites that set the trend in 2023

Keeping your restaurant website up to date is more important than ever. In a recent survey, 77% of US diners visited a restaurant's website before becoming customers. More importantly, most diners surveyed said an outdated restaurant website would discourage them from visiting in person or placing online orders. Common complaints include:

  • Websites that are hard to navigate
  • Menus that are difficult to read
  • Websites that look out of date
  • Confusing or unsafe online ordering checkout

Is your restaurant website helping or harming your business? With so many diners checking out your website before visiting, you must build a guest experience that starts online. 

Essential elements of a great restaurant website

Before you start updating your website, here's a quick list of the essential elements that are important to today's diners:

  1. Mobile-Optimized - Your websites must look great but load fast on various devices, including smartphones, tablets & computers.
  2. Great Photography / Video - Professional venue & food photography or video can help boost online sales, increase customer confidence and elevate your brand.
  3. Recent Updates - Don't make customers visit a separate social media app to see what's new. Instead, integrate your social media posts, so they display directly on your homepage whenever your update them, ideally at least once a week.
  4. Legible Menus - Present your menu items clearly and concisely, with crisp food photography for each item and detailed ingredient lists for diners with dietary restrictions.
  5. Fast, Secure Checkout - Make it easy for customers to pay you no matter their device. A simple one-page checkout page that integrates commonly used payment methods such as Google Pay and Apple Pay is key to closing the sale.
  6. Go Beyond The Meal - Your website is your best marketing tool. Use it to build your customer base with e-mail marketing and upsell with digital gift cards, merchandise, event tickets, and more.

Get inspired by these 23 great restaurant websites

Are you ready to update your restaurant website now? We're proud to present 23 of Sociavore's best restaurant website designs that increase revenue streams and brand awareness - all while looking fantastic.

Best Restaurant Websites

1. Cluny Bistro | Toronto, ON | www.clunybistro.com

Every aspect of Cluny's website is designed to capture visitor attention. Videos and motion graphics on the homepage encourage customers to stay on the site. The simple, elegant layout has bold action buttons encouraging customers to scroll through the menu and place online orders immediately. Enticing food photography entices customers to shop with their eyes and increase their order size.

Cluny Bistro Website

2. Crafty Ramen | Guelph, ON | restaurants.craftyramen.com

In the past 5 years, Crafty Ramen has expanded from a small ramen shop in Guelph, ON, to multiple locations, a thriving wholesale & grocery presence, and a booming subscription box business. Visitors to Crafty Ramen's website are encouraged to keep in touch with their favorite restaurant through regular e-mail newsletters reminding them to "Get Crafty" at home, at the restaurant, or grocery shopping.

"Beyond of the outstanding customer service, Sociavore helps us keep our website, store information, and hours up to date with ease. Our guests enjoy engaging with our website, and we are driving a ton of new users to our site!" - Owners, Crafty Ramen

Crafty Ramen Website

3. Del's Italian Kitchen | Kitchener, ON | www.delsitaliankitchen.ca

Del's Italian Kitchen prides itself on serving classic Italian favorites with hand-picked ingredients from local producers. Del's uses their website to educate customers about their producers and provide serving and nutritional information about its fresh pasta, hand-stretched pizzas, and gluten-free options. An integrated Instagram feed lets visitors see the restaurant's latest posts about current specials and upcoming events without leaving the website.

Del's Italian Kitchen Website

4. District Pizza | Toronto, ON | www.districtpizza.ca

What do pizza lovers need in a website? A simple, easy-to-navigate menu with clear item descriptions and mouth-watering pizza pictures. District Pizza's website delivers a mobile-friendly guest experience with fun branding elements and motion graphics. Guests can quickly scroll through pizzas, calzones, sides, and more before placing their order.

District Pizza Website

5. Gingergrass | St John's, NL | www.gingergrass.ca

Gingergrass' website offers home-style Thai & Vietnamese cuisine on a clean, accessible online menu. Appetizing food photography accompanies clear menu descriptions with complete ingredient lists. Small icons beside each menu item indicate whether items are gluten-free or vegetarian to accommodate customer preferences & dietary requirements.

Gingergrass Website

6. Graffiti Market | Kitchener, ON | www.graffitimarket.ca

Graffiti Market's website is a unique mixture of food, art, and tech, much like its restaurant space in Kitchener, ON. Bold fonts and vivid venue & food photography give website visitors a taste of Graffiti Market's guest experience. Guests can quickly make reservations, place takeout orders, or purchase gift cards with a button click.

"The ability to easily build out new subpages and content blocks in Sociavore has allowed us to be consistent, efficient, and effectively responsive to the fast pace of the hospitality industry." - Joschka, Marketing Manager, Ignite Group of Brands

Graffiti Market Website

7. Malt & Barley | Kitchener, ON | www.maltandbarley.ca

Malt & Barley's website enhances its brand as a community-focused Celtic pub featuring house-made comfort food with East Coast flair. The pub's personality shines through its whimsical presentation of classic pub food served traditionally in platters lined with newspaper. Custom touches like the tartan background and unique Favicon reinforce Malt & Barley's brand identity.

Malt & Barley Website

8. Mario's Kitchen | Delta, BC | www.marioskitchen.ca

This website serves two independent full-service restaurants: Mario's and its sister restaurant, Gracie's Next Door. Website visitors can browse menus before their visit and experience the space through Google 360 panoramic walkthroughs and videos. Looking for a classy meal at home? Customers can also order for pickup or delivery from both restaurants at once on the extensive mobile-optimized online ordering menu.

Mario's Kitchen Website

9. Mildred's Temple Kitchen | Toronto, ON | www.mildreds.ca

Mildred's Temple Kitchen's website is a joyous celebration of breakfast and brunch. Soft pastels and vivid food photography entice customers to stop by Mildred's in person for brunch or order online at Mildred's pantry for a complete selection of breakfast foods to enjoy at home. Mildred's uses its website to educate visitors with curated recipes, serving suggestions, and video tutorials on making the perfect pancake.

Mildred's Temple Kitchen Website

10. PAI Northern Kitchen | Toronto, ON | www.paitoronto.com

PAI's homepage encourages visitors to develop a personal connection with its founders, Nuit and Jeff Regular, and the history and culture of Thailand. The website tells the story of Nuit and Jeff's journey from Northern Thailand to Toronto through breathtaking travel and food photography. Guests are encouraged to order from one of 4 locations, purchase Nuit's award-winning cookbook, or buy meal kits to cook at home.

"The ease and speed we can launch new menu items, and the integrations Sociavore provides have allowed our management teams to focus on guest experience and quickly grow our business." - Sam, General Manager, PAI Toronto

PAI Northern Kitchen Website

11. Public Kitchen & Bar | Kitchener, ON | www.kwpublic.com

Public Kitchen & Bar is renowned for its revolving menu of creative tapas & cocktails, plus old-world wines & Ontario craft beers. Website visitors can see the latest menus, learn about limited-time pop-up events, and book reservations. Customers are also encouraged to sign up for their e-mail newsletter to learn what's new in their inbox.

Public Kitchen & Bar Website

12. S&V Uptown | Waterloo, ON | www.svuptown.ca

S&V Uptown's website showcases its mission of creating vibrant dining experiences routed in local terroir and sustainability. Visitors are encouraged to make an online reservation at the restaurant, place online orders for the restaurant or bakery, or learn and purchase tickets for special events such as Masterclasses or Supper Club dinners.

S&V Uptown Website

13. YIAYIA | Guelph, ON | www.yiayia.ca

YIAYIA's website gives its hungry customers precisely what they expect - a fast & easy way to order flavourful, healthy Mediterranean dishes. A detailed menu allows customers to filter items based on their dietary requirements. With Google Pay and Apple Pay integration, customers can easily place orders for immediate pickup or delivery and checkout quickly.

YIA YIA Website

Best Bakery & Cafe Websites

14. Cafe Zuzu | Toronto, ON | www.cafezuzu.com

Cafe Zuzu's website goes beyond the menu by highlighting its involvement in community and charitable outreach. The cafe is an accessible space for philanthropic events and partners with local charitable organizations to raise awareness and funds. Visitors are encouraged to stop by the restaurant and donate their time or funds to help make their community a better place.

"We have been able to add custom pages to sell cookbooks, event tickets, and coffee - extending our customer experience beyond a standard restaurant site. Sociavore has become integral to our businesses and will continue to be part of our digital best practices as we continue to expand." - Rochelle, Brand Marketing Manager, Gusto 54 Restaurant Group

Cafe Zuzu Website

15. Crooked Tree Cafe | Marietta, GA | www.crookedtreecafe.com

Crooked Tree Cafe's website invites customers to enjoy Southern BBQ at Breakfast and Brunch. Website visitors can learn more about local & seasonal menu options, place online orders for takeaway, or buy digital gift cards.

Crooked Tree Cafe Website

16. Lady Glaze Doughnuts | Kitchener, ON | www.ladyglazedoughnuts.com

Lady Glaze's signature doughnuts have exploded in popularity in Kitchener and beyond. Lady Glaze has created an online scheduling system to accommodate their fans and provide in-house delivery to neighbouring regional cities. Customers enter their address when requesting delivery, and the website schedules the delivery on the next available "Neighbourhood Drop" date in their city. 

Lady Glaze Doughnuts Website

17. Small Scale Bread | Belleville, ON | www.smallscalebread.com

Small Scale Bread is a small-town bakery specializing in small-batch, organic bread and pastries. A mobile-friendly menu allows customers to place pre-orders easily for this week's rotating bread selection. Sociavore's daily limited inventory feature ensures that customers can only place orders for bread baked on their chosen day of the week. 

Small Scale Bread Website

18. With The Grain | Guelph, ON | www.withthegrain.ca

With The Grain's website uses a sophisticated colour palate and stunning professional photography to draw attention to its show-stopping cakes & pastries. The simple navigation bar allows customers to find the perfect treat for their event, from fresh bread for brunch at home to a tiered floral cake for hundreds of wedding guests. Customers can place advance online orders for pickup or request a custom cake quote from their mobile device or laptop.

With The Grain Website

Best Club & Lounge Websites

19. Dabney & Co | Kalamazoo, MI | www.drinkswithdabney.com

When you visit Dabney & Co's website, you know you're in for a unique experience. Dabney & Co recreated the vibe of their dynamic cocktail bar & lounge through their embedded Spotify playlist featuring soulful, jazzy & funky music. A mood board of featured musical artists and signature cocktails lets visitors know what's in store at the lounge this week.

Dabney & Co Website

20. El Catrin - Agave Club | Toronto, ON | www.elcatrin.ca/agave-club

El Catrin Destileria created a vibrant mini-site to showcase its new Agave Club. The online Agave Club Bottle Shop features crisp product photography that entices visitors to purchase high-end Mexican tequila and mezcal. Enthusiasts are invited to join the club and participate in exclusive events such as guided tasting dinners. 

"Today's consumer expects digital experiences with a business to harmonize with their brick and mortar experiences, and vice-versa. Sociavore allows us to blend the in-person and the digital seamlessly." - Elisabeth Bottomley, Marketing Manager, The Distillery Restaurants Corp.

Agave Club Website

Best Food Truck Website

21. Million Recipes | Kodiak, AK | www.millionrecipeskodiak.com

Million Recipes serves freshly caught fish, locally raised chicken & locally harvested produce in a food truck serving downtown Kodiak, AK. Loyal customers can visit the website to find precisely where the food truck is parked and what fresh specials are avail ble on today's menu. Website visitors can also place orders ahead of time for pickup instead of waiting in the cold. 

Million Recipes Website

Best Restaurant Marketplace Website

22. Kitchen Hub Food Hall | Toronto, ON | www.kitchenhub.ca

Kitchen Hub was developed as an alternative to third-party delivery marketplace websites such as DoorDash or Uber Eats. This online "Food Hall" allows customers in Toronto neighbourhoods to directly support their favorite local restaurants instead of paying third-party commission fees. In-person visitors can place orders from interactive kiosks that send orders to multiple kitchens for fulfillment. Website visitors can mix and match items from different restaurant menus to create a memorable meal for pickup or delivery.

Kitchen Hub Food Hall Website

Best Restaurant Group Website

23. Gusto 54 Restaurant Group | Toronto, ON | www.gusto54.com

Gusto 54's website highlights the core focus of the restaurant group - developing restaurant concepts with a commitment to beauty, taste, community, and sustainability. Guests are invited to embark on a culinary cross-city adventure by purchasing digital gift cards redeemable at six unique restaurants across Toronto. Potential partners can pitch restaurant concepts, apply to become purveyors, and learn more about Gusto 54's philanthropic endeavors.

Gusto 54 Restaurant Group Website

Sociavore - the best restaurant website builder 

The best restaurant website builder for restaurants today is Sociavore. Sociavore's all-in-one restaurant management platform includes everything you need to manage your business online. Don't waste your time with broad e-commerce website builders like Wix, Squarespace, or Shopify - Sociavore is designed with the hospitality industry in mind, with built-in features like online ordering, reservation management, event ticketing, customizable pickup & delivery schedules, and more. 

Developed by restaurant people for restaurant owners, Sociavore's online ordering system seamlessly integrates into your restaurant's workflow by generating digital chits and sending them directly to the kitchen. Your customers will enjoy the convenience of one-page checkout, and you'll enjoy the cost savings of commission-free online ordering.

Ready to launch your new restaurant website with Sociavore? We're ready to work with you to develop and customize your restaurant website to fit your unique brand and business model. Click on the button below to start your 14-day free trial, or use the Chat icon on the bottom right corner of the screen to book a free demo.


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