Best Restaurant Websites of 2021


Explore 15 inspiring restaurant websites that grab your attention and drive sales

One of the restaurant industry's biggest lessons last year was the importance and value of a great restaurant website. Restaurants that invested time and energy into their websites and social media accounts saw huge payoffs as customer demand skyrocketed for online ordering. 

Over the past year, we've watched innovative restaurants develop online strategies to meet changing customer demand. Restaurants are moving beyond online ordering to develop new online revenue streams. Sociavore continues to enable independent restaurant innovation by developing cutting-edge ecommerce tools, templates, and features to help our restaurants grow sales and reach new customers online. 

Are you looking for inspiration or ideas for your own restaurant website? We're proud to present 15 of Sociavore's best restaurant website designs that increase revenue streams and brand awareness - all while looking fantastic.

Best Restaurant Websites

1. Azhar | Toronto, ON |

Azhar Kitchen + Bar uses its homepage to enhance its brand as a neighbourhood gathering place for soulful Eastern Mediterranean & Middle East-inspired food and drink. The careful use of typography and fonts compliments their bold photography of venue & mouth-watering dishes to give website visitors a visual taste of Azhar's guest experience. Guests can easily make reservations, inquire about venue rental, or purchase gift cards with a click of a button.

Azhar Kitchen + Bar's Website

2. Beertown | Cambridge, ON |

Beertown's website effortlessly promotes what's new at all 7 of its locations in the Greater Toronto area on one well organized homepage. Eye-catching visuals including video, food photography and bold fonts encourage customers to stay on the page. A simple navigation bar in the header allows guests to view menus, place online orders, buy gift cards, sign up for the "Bite Club" loyalty rewards program, and more. Website visitors can also leave their contact information to receive e-mail newsletters about Beertown promotions and events.

"The restaurant business is constantly moving and changing quickly – Sociavore gives us the capability to keep on top of these changes and tell our stories by allowing us to easily keep our websites up to date with the pace of the business." - Cindy Perri, Brand Guardian, The Charcoal Group

Beertown Website

3. Boon Burger Cafe | Oakville, ON |

Boon Burger Cafe's website showcases its mission of sustainability, environmentalism, and education about healthy vegan cuisine. Visitors are encouraged to visit a Boon Burger location in person, shop for vegan meats to enjoy at home, and join the Boon Bucks loyalty program.

Boon Burger Cafe Website

4. El Catrin Destileria | Toronto, ON |

El Catrin Destileria's website captures the flair and vibrancy of Mexican cuisine through its bold colour scheme and dazzling photography. The homepage uses simple touches like parallax scrolling frames to animate pictures. A slideshow of Instagram posts embedded directly in the homepage provides fresh updates on events and specials. 

"Today’s consumer expects digital experiences with a business to harmonize with their brick and mortar experiences, and vice-versa. Sociavore allows us to blend the in-person and the digital seamlessly." - Elisabeth Bottomley, Marketing Manager, The Distillery Restaurants Corp.

El Catrin Destileria Website

5. Humble City Cafe | Humble, TX |

Humble City Cafe's website enhances its brand as a destination for southern comfort food. The Cafe's personality shines through its patriotic color scheme that frames picture grids of its historic venue. Custom touches like the stars-and-spangles background and unique Favicon reinforce Humble City's brand identity. 

Humble City Cafe Website

6. Mark's Caribbean Kitchen | Kitchener, ON |

Every aspect of Mark's Caribbean Kitchen's website is designed to convert website visitors into paying customers.  The simple, elegant layout has bold action buttons that encourage customers to immediately scroll through the menu and place online orders. Enticing food photography entices customers to shop with their eyes and increase their order size.

Mark's Caribbean Kitchen Website

7. PAI Toronto | Toronto, ON |

PAI's homepage encourages visitors to develop a personal connection with its founders, Nuit and Jeff Regular, and the history and culture of Thailand. The website tells the story of Nuit and Jeff's journey from Northern Thailand to Toronto through breathtaking travel and food photography. Guests are encouraged to order from one of 3 restaurant locations, purchase Nuit's award-winning cookbook, or buy meal kits to cook at home. 

"The ease and speed we can launch new menu items and the integrations Sociavore provides have allowed our management teams to focus on guest experience and quickly grow our business." - Sam, General Manager, PAI Toronto

PAI Toronto Website

8. Red House | Waterloo, ON |

When Red House Uptown Bistro noticed surging demand for sauces and spices due to the home-cooking boom last year, the team quickly responded by introduced additional products to the Red House-branded line, including spice rubs and salad dressings as well as heat-at-home foods. Customers can now shop for merchandise, ingredients, non-alcoholic drinks, wine, and bistro meals all from Red House's e-commerce website.

Red House Uptown Website

9. Rosie's on River Street | Saskatoon, SK |

Rosie's on River Street's website reflects the restaurant's reputation as lively tourist destination with a shady past. Website visitors can learn more about Rosie's colourful history, place online orders for takeaway, or shop for souvenirs, apparel and more.

Rosie's on River Street Website

10. Rustic Pizza | Sauble Beach, ON |

Rustic Pizza is a tourist destination right in the heart of scenic Sauble Beach. The restaurant relies on its online ordering website to manage high demand during the tourist season. Customers are able to order pizzas right from their mobile devices without even leaving the beach.

Rustic Pizza Website

11. Scran & Dram | New Hamburg, ON |

Scran & Dram's website offers classic Scottish Public House fare in a clean, accessible menu. Appetizing food photography accompanies clear menu descriptions with full ingredient lists. Small icons beside each menu item indicate whether items are gluten-free or vegetarian to accommodate customer preferences & dietary requirements

Scran & Dram Website

12. Taco Farm | Waterloo, ON |

Taco Farm's website highlights its core focus - making great tasting tacos with local ingredients. The restaurant dedicates space on its website to listing and linking to each of its providers, including local farms, dairies, and breweries. Customers can place online orders, make reservations, and browse recipes for using up leftover Taco Farm tortillas. 

Taco Farm Website

Best Bakery Websites

13. Beechwood Doughnuts | St. Catharines, ON |

Beechwood's 100% vegan doughnuts have exploded in popularity in St. Catharines and beyond. To accommodate their many fans, Beechwood has created an online scheduling system to provide in-house delivery to neighboring cities in the region. Customers enter their address when requesting delivery, and the website schedules the delivery on the next available delivery date in their city. 

Beechwood Doughnuts Website

14. Polestar Hearth | Guelph, ON |

For years, Polestar Hearth has been providing its community with incredible sourdough and fresh bread made from simple and local ingredients. Sociavore worked with Polestar to develop online ordering features that specifically catered to bakery operations, including recurring weekly pickup schedules, built-in tax calculators, and more. Website visitors are able to browse daily specials, and place pre-orders in advance for their weekly purchases.

"Having a solid, reliable online system that customers can access in off-hours, or when we cannot answer the phone, has reduced a lot of stress in the bakery. Having a daily inventory prediction model has been really important, and we base that on previous weeks' numbers and our Sociavore sales numbers." - Jesse Merrill, Owner / CrustMaster, Polestar Hearth

Polestar Hearth Website

Best Restaurant Marketplace Websites

15. Kitchen Hub Food Hall | Toronto, ON |

Kitchen Hub was developed as an alternative to third-party delivery marketplace websites such as DoorDash or UberEats. The result is an online "Food Hall" where customers in Toronto neighbourhoods can support their favorite local restaurants directly, instead of paying third-party commission fees. Website visitors can browse from multiple menus at once, and place orders for delivery or takeout.

Kitchen Hub Website

Sociavore - the best restaurant website builder 

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Developed by restaurant people for restaurant owners, Sociavore's online ordering system seamlessly integrates into your restaurant's workflow by generating digital chits and sending them directly to the kitchen. Your customers will enjoy the convenience of one-page checkout, and you'll enjoy the cost savings of commission-free online ordering.

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