21 Questions with Benjamin Lillico, Executive Chef, The Rich Uncle Tavern


We ask our favourite restaurant personalities 21 questions to get to know them in a different light.

In this edition of 21 questions, we get to know Benjamin Lillico, Executive Chef of The Rich Uncle Tavern in Downtown Kitchener. He has designed an inventive menu built on hearty live-fire fare and shareables that pay homage to the brasseries and taverns of yesteryear. Benjamin is an award-winning chef with many accolades to his name. Recently, he was a recipient of the Top 30 Under 30 Award with the Ontario Hostelry Institute.

1. Where were you born?


2. Where did you grow up?


3. Biggest inspiration?

Cookbooks and life experience

4. Top 3 ingredients in your pantry?

Butter, Salt, Booze

5. What do you make for a lazy supper?

Comfort food

6. What’s your guilty pleasure?

Anything chocolate

7. Favourite vacation spot?

South Americas – Every country is unique but the weather is always warm!

8. Favourite food city (outside of your own)?

New York City

9. Favourite item on your menu?

Anything seafood – I love quality, sustainable seafood

10. What’s the last [Netflix] show you binged?

[Crave TV] Billions

11. Favourite Instagram account?


12. Go-to lunch spot in Kitchener?

The Rich Uncle Tavern! See you there!

13. Favourite restaurant to celebrate a special occasion?

Canis in Toronto

14. Kitchener’s best coffee…

Show & Tell Coffee

15. Kitchener’s best-kept secret?

Probably the date of when the LRT is going to launch

16. What’s your favourite thing to do outside of work?

Travel – It’s always great to see and do new things

17. What food trend needs to go?


18. Name 3 guests at your ideal dinner party?

Alex Atala, Rasmus Kofoed, and one of the Roca Brothers

19. 3 things you’d tell a new restaurateur?

  1. Always Budget for extra
  2. Teach, Don’t Tell
  3. Constantly train and develop your team

20. What would be your mediocre superpower?

Doing it Live

21. Who should we interview next?

Scott Roberts

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