2018: a good year to give plant based eating a try


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Whether it’s your moral compass, your health, or curiosity driving you to try a vegan lifestyle – now is a good time for it.

It wasn’t too long ago that most restaurants had a mere one or two veg options.

I can take a stab at what most of them would be too: Portobello mushroom on a bun, something with spaghetti squash, the house salad without chicken. Is your mouth watering yet? Didn’t think so. Fast forward a few years and established restaurants are coming out with separate vegan menus.

Blackboards outside of your local pub are advertising their new jackfruit tacos. New veggie restaurants are popping up in every type of neighbourhood. Those veg spots are even opening a second location. And the best yet: chefs are getting creative with plant-based food. I’m constantly amazed and delighted by the new unique flavour combinations chefs in Toronto are playing with.

I don’t think I’ve seen cauliflower look so delicious in so many different ways than I have at restaurants this past year. Cooking at home can be just as enjoyable and there’s no shortage of recipes online and how-to videos featuring vegan creations. The learning curve that comes with the ability to fix yourself homemade meals with whole foods is well worth it.

As someone who’s been vegetarian for more than ten years, I’m excited this lifestyle is getting so much more attention. It’s making plant-based eating more accessible than ever before, and it’s starting conversations about the environment. Toronto’s been craving places like 

Rise Above, Planta, Hello123Awai, and Mythology. These locations have good grub, hip atmospheres and blend right in with their meat serving neighbours.

There’s no shortage of alternative ingredients and impressive new restaurants if you’re thinking about diving into a plant-based lifestyle. There’s so many new options, with more on the way – and I think they’re here to stay.

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