Avoiding Third Party Commission Fees

Optimizing Your Google My Business Profile $$$


How many people do you think Google your restaurant every day? How many order off of third parties who take a cut of your profit which could be avoided if they ordered off your own website? 89% of dining research is done by mobile before visiting a restaurant¹!

With Google’s free Google My Business tool, you can control the results that show up first, directing customers to where you want them to order. A customizable profile will appear to the side of the search results, highlighting key aspects of your business so customers are informed of everything you want them to be. There are also calls to action for ordering, delivery, reservations, and more. This tool automatically adds your establishment to Google Maps too for easy locating and navigation.

  • The following guide outlines the importance and benefits of optimizing your Google My Business profile to avoid fees and bring in a greater net profit.

Source ¹ : Google/Numerator, “Restaurant Study,” 2019.

New to Google My Business?

This guide aims to optimize an existing Google My Business profile. If you need to claim your profile or are new to the concept, our previous article on how to set up your Google My Business profile can walk you through it!

Using Google My Business to save on commission fees

  • Managing your Google My Business profile both draws customers in AND directs them to your most profitable channels.
  • Point guests to your site, not a cost ineffective third party.

Your Sociavore site charges restaurants NO commission on online orders.

You keep it all! So, this is where you want as many of your customers as possible to be placing their orders instead of third-party services that take portions of your revenue. If your profile has not been claimed, Google may automatically populate the data and lead customers to services like UberEats. Sure, they could place an order there, which is great, but what if you had changed that link to your Sociavore online ordering menu and didn’t lose that 30% commission? Third parties want, and even pay, to have their links in your profile. As the business owner, you should give your own website the priority.


Google's Food Ordering Button
  • The "Order Pickup" and "Order Delivery" buttons that may appear when your restaurant is Googled could be directing customers to store fronts with big fees such as Ritual or DoorDash. For example, Ritual takes a 18% cut of the price AND charges the customer an extra 10%. This is bad for you AND the customers! If you do $10,000 in online orders every month, that would be a loss of $1,800! You could save an additional $1,800 for every ten thousand dollar in online sales you make by redirecting your orders to your free Sociavore storefront.
  • Solution: replace the link with your Sociavore site's commission free online ordering!
Reservation Services
  • OpenTable can charge you $1.25 per person in a reservation. That's $5.00 in unnecessary fees for a table of four, PLUS the monthly $39.00 membership fee, or more! You'd only have to redirect 64 reserved persons per month to save a THOUSAND dollars in a year, and most restaurants will do (and save) way more than that!
  • Solution: replace the link with your Sociavore site's free reservations!

If your profile has unwanted third party links: These can be tricky to remove as it can not be done directly by the profile owner. Google's Business Profile Help (a great resource for further reading, by the way) has a whole section on how to remove third party links.


Let's use www.resturant.com as an example domain for the different links that Sociavore provides. This makes it easy for customers to reach the parts of your site you want them to. This works using your own domain too! Just add the bolded endings. Put your version of these in your Google My Business profile, and as seen in the graphics on this guide, you can lead customers to your ideal channels.

  • Reserve: www.resturant.com/reserve
    - Sociavore's reservation system is free and can even link to your existing provider, right through your website! If your existing reservation solution is costing you, it's worth considering an alternative.
  • View Menus: www.resturant.com/menus
    - This will show all the menus that are visible on your site. So, if you add or remove any, the link won't need to change!
  • Order Delivery/Pickup: www.resturant.com/order
    - This will display the menus that have online ordering enabled for pickup and/or delivery!
    - If you do have other providers you want to use and have one that you'd prefer customers to use, you can learn how to set a preferred provider here!

Plus: These links do not have to be updated when you change up menus or reservation settings! Sociavore takes care of directing customers to the published content on your website.

And that's a wrap! With a complete Google My Business profile you can reach further, draw in more people, and then them into customers to be funneled into your most profitable ordering channels. Below is our visual guide with our best tips on what to look for when editing your Google My Business profile.

Google My Business Optimization Infographic

Google My Business Optimization Guide
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